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I am a dreamer.

I studied hard, worked hard, and applied myself to endless goals and outcomes, but through it all I have sketched,

drawn, doodled and mapped my inner world, dreams, and visions in verbal and visual expression. In the last decade,

I abandoned the work of chasing other peoples' dreams and have been living in my own. It's a realm of light and wonder,

old gods and endless evolution. I have come to understand that I am a product of history, myth, and projection.

These are the themes that infuse my sculptural work.

These works chronicle my quest to realize felt presences, preoccupations with metaphysical ideas, persistent symbols

of human experience, and the urge to reconnect with the divine through elemental earth and fire.

They are conceived as vessels to be filled with intentions, dreams, love, aspirations, spiritual inspiration, hopes,

and wisdom -- as talismans of our truest character and beacons for growth. 


Thank you for visiting.